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Our racing software

Of course, we clock EVERY lap time and after each training and/or race you will receive a printout of all your lap data.

WinTimeF1 is the most comprehensive and user-friendly timing software in the world.

It is fully compatible with and can control LED scoreboards, speed control systems and light circuits.


Please wear a mask!

Please wear a mask during the entire visit with us! Wearing balaclavas over the mouth and nose is also allowed.


Keep your distance!

Except for members of your own household - please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other persons!


Spectators use our Panorama Bistro!

Visitors can use our Race Bistro and with enough distance overlook the whole track.


We need your contact details!

We are obliged to document your address together with the time of your stay. You provide this data together with our general liability conditions.

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