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About Driftkart

Fascitation drifting!

After more than a year of development and testing, we present our novelty: DRIFTkart!

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Our novelty: DRIFTkart!

Unique in the metropolitan region we offer drift skill races! The goal of the race is, despite the very easy drifting go-kart, to master the track and become first in the race!


To do this, we first instruct you in the track rules and the theory of drifting, followed by a guided test drive. Here a member of staff drives slowly ahead - the intention is that you get your first controlled experience of handling the drift kart.


Then, after a short briefing, qualifying starts - the most skillful driver, with the fastest lap time, starts the race from pole position!


Traffic light start! The race starts! You as the driver are challenged to start the kart as fast as possible - without drifting - from a standing start! The other drivers try to drift past you - ADRENALIN PUR!


The race is won by the driver who crosses the finish line first!


Of course, our trained marshals will monitor throughout the event to ensure that your safety is not compromised and will intervene if necessary.
We reserve the right to exclude riders from the race who repeatedly provoke danger to body and material by negligence! Please also note our booking conditions as well as the disclaimer!

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Race mode

Drift skill race


  • Introduction to the track rules & drift karts (~10 min)

  • Guided test laps (~5 min)

  • Qualifying (~5 min)

  • Race (~20 min)

  • Award ceremony & final meeting

Total duration

approx. 50 minutes


  • The first three winners will receive a medal

  • Each driver receives a printout of his lap times


  • Sturdy shoes

  • Tight fitting clothing - we recommend long pants


from 18 years old

Yor personal Drift event!

We have aroused your interest, but you would rather drive the drift race in a closed company? No problem - contact us and we will make you an individual offer!

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