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Important information

Our house rules

Dear customers! For your and our safety following are some protective measures that are mandatory to follow when you visit our kart track:

The following house rules must be observed:

  • Belts must be firmly attached to clothing.

  • Scarves / towels must be removed.

  • Ties (hoodies) must be closed and stowed away.

  • Please tie long hair with a hair tie and stow it in a balaclava / helmet.

  • When using rental helmets, a NEW (originally packed, with label and purchased from us) balaclava must be worn. Used balaclavas brought along are not permitted.

  • Gloves must be worn while riding, you are welcome to bring them with you or buy them from us.

  • Bringing drinks or food is not permitted.

  • Filming / photography is only permitted after consultation with our staff.

  • Unrestricted driving is only possible from the age of 15.

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Disinfect your hands!

Please use the dispensers provided and disinfect your hands as described. Surfaces are cleaned regularly by our team.


Please follow the instructions of the team!

Please follow the instructions of our team as well as the other signs on our track.



To use our karts you must necessarily wear gloves.


Rental helmets

If possible, bring your own helmet. If you need a rental helmet, jet helmets are also available. Please note - a new balaclava MUST be worn under rental helmets! You can purchase new balaclavas from us.

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